The new and expanded Iceland Music takes off - Grand opening April 23, open house from 4 - 6 PM


Tónlistarmiðstöð, the new and expanded Iceland Music, will have a grand opening at their new headquarters, Austurstræti 5, in downtown Reykjavík. Open house starts at 4 PM with the team greeting guests with walking tours, light refreshments, and music. 

The new and expanded role of Iceland Music is a part of Iceland’s first ever comprehensive legislation on music, The Music Laws 33/2023 were approved by Iceland’s parliament on 7 June 2023. There it is stipulated by law that a new music office should be founded with the aim of becoming one of the cornerstones of Icelandic music life and industry. 

"By giving Icelandic music a permanent home, we are making the framework we have created for the art form much more accessible, thereby marking an important step toward our future. It will now be possible to search in one and the same place for support, information and inspiration, which was previously spread over a number of organizations. In this way, important knowledge and future plans are combined under one roof. The projects of the expanded Iceland Music office are therefore many and exciting. It is not the least to thank the Icelandic musicians who have ignited a spark with their energy that has resulted in us being completely interested in pursuing music, creating music and enjoying music."
– Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, Minister of Culture and Business Affairs

The new office will assume their role and responsibilities of the previous Iceland Music Information Centre and the Iceland Music (Export Office, known as ÚTÓN/Iceland Music), and teams of both offices have been transitioned into the new office. It will continue to operate internationally under Iceland Music, with its Icelandic title being ‘Tónlistarmiðstöð’. In addition to their teams, the new office has made some new hires. 

María Rut Reynisdóttir, Director of Iceland Music, og Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, sign the contract for Iceland Music’s new expanded office. Photo: Cat Gundry-Beck. 

The new Iceland Music also operates the new Music Fund, which consists of Tónlistarsjóður (the previous Music Fund), Hljóðritasjóður (Recording Fund) and Útflutningssjóður (Iceland Music Export Fund). ‍More information on the Music Fund can be found on the newly updated icelandmusic.is website. 

We look forward to welcoming visitors to our new Iceland Music office. Since the beginning of the year, we have made every effort to assemble a strong team, settle in and create a warm and ambitious environment for the office’s responsibilities. We are especially excited to show the Icelandic music scene the event hall that we have at our disposal, where we envision being able to host many exciting and informative events in the coming years. We have also worked on the look of the updated Iceland Music brand and visitors will get a whiff of it. Now we take off to the future which includes amongst other matters the strategy of the new Iceland Music where many will be called upon. There are certainly exciting times ahead!

– María Rut Reynisdóttir, Director of Iceland Music 

Iceland Music’s Open House will take place on April 23 at 4 PM at Austurstræti 5, Reykjavík. Everyone is welcome to come by to see our new office and say hi to our team. 

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