With the new expanded role of Iceland Music, the whole of music in Iceland has found a permanent home where education, support, and information is available in one place. The mission is to promote Icelandic music at home and away with focused development of our music industry. Tónlistarmiðstöð, Iceland Music was founded on the reputation of our world-class artists, and it is them we are proud to serve.

Our mission is to serve our music and artists locally and internationally.

Our Role

Tónlistarmiðstöð, Iceland Music is established with the aim of becoming a cornerstone of Icelandic music life and industry.

Iceland Music will provide both education and support to musicians and music-related companies, support the development of the music industry, promote Icelandic music and musicians abroad, and serve as a distributor for Icelandic compositions. The Music Center will support the development of talent and focus on the creative process of artists, emphasizing diversity and growth while ensuring a modern and stimulating environment for Icelandic music life. With the establishment of the Music Center, a significant step is taken towards giving the art form greater importance and providing a clear path for Icelandic musicians, both domestically and internationally.

Our roles and responsibilities include: 

  • To serve as a collaborative platform for businesses, interest groups, cultural institutions, educational institutions, and government bodies regarding music policy and actions.
  • To operate the revamped Music Fund.
  • To promote and sell Icelandic music, and facilitate sheet music distribution for Icelandic compositions.
  • To advise and service artists and music companies with exporting their music to other markets 
  • To undertake specific tasks related to research and statistics on the Icelandic music industry.
  • To support the preservation of cultural heritage in music through advice, education, and services.

Our Team


Tákn Tónlistarmiðstöðvar