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Classical:NEXT is just around the corner and Iceland Music is proud to announce its presence at this prestigious event. As one of the most significant gatherings for the classical and art music community worldwide, Classical:NEXT provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and showcasing talent. After a year-long hiatus, the event is set to return from May 13-17, 2024, in its exciting new location of Berlin, Germany.

Iceland Music will be prominently featured at stands 28 - 31, alongside our Nordic counterparts. We invite all attendees to come and meet us, discover Icelandic artists, and explore potential collaborations and opportunities.

Leading the Icelandic delegation is Signý Leifsdóttir, a senior advisor at Iceland Music. With expertise in contemporary, classical, and film music, Signý serves as a strategic advisor and coordinator of competency programs. She will be giving advice on the Icelandic Music scene and be representing the project "Record in Iceland”, a reimbursement program offering a 25% refund on all recording expenses incurred in Iceland, facilitated by the Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs. With Iceland's strategic location bridging North America and Europe, artists find inspiration in its breathtaking landscapes while enjoying efficient cross-Atlantic travel. The program not only supports artists financially but also fosters creativity and collaboration within Iceland's vibrant music community.

Moreover, Iceland Music is thrilled to showcase a diverse lineup of talented delegates at Classical:NEXT 2024:

Sif Margrét Tulinius

Sif Margrét Tulinius, a seasoned concert violinist, has enraptured audiences globally with her renditions of classical gems and contemporary compositions. Whether leading orchestras as a soloist or concertmaster or curating innovative concert series like the acclaimed Beethoven and Bach and Modernity, her artistry shines bright. Anticipate her upcoming CD, "De Lumine," showcasing Icelandic solo violin works.

More information about Sif Margrét Tulinius>>

Vala Halldors

Vala Halldors, of CRESCENDO cultural management, is a dedicated artist management professional fostering Icelandic talent. Through music projects, events, and festivals, Vala amplifies the visibility of Icelandic composers and performers. With a focus on cultural products and comprehensive promotional efforts, Vala's work resonates locally and beyond, emphasising Icelandic contemporary music wherever possible.

More information about Vala Halldors>>

Cantoque Ensemble

Cantoque Ensemble, represented by Hallveig Rúnarsdóttir and Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir, is a distinguished Icelandic vocal group renowned for their diverse repertoire and collaborations with esteemed orchestras. From Bach cantatas to contemporary Icelandic choir music, their performances resonate globally, earning recognition such as a stellar 5-star review for their recent concert featuring Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson's choir music.

More information about Cantoque Ensemble>>

Hallveig Rúnarsdóttir

Hallveig Rúnarsdóttir, acclaimed soprano and member of Cantoque Ensemble, has showcased her talent worldwide, captivating audiences with her proficiency in baroque, oratorio, and lieder performances. With a repertoire spanning classical to contemporary Icelandic compositions, Hallveig continues to impress with her dynamic vocal prowess.

More information about Hallveig Runarsdottir>>

Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir

Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir, accomplished mezzo-soprano and member of Cantoque Ensemble, shines brightly on the global stage. Renowned for her versatility, from Bach and Handel classics to premiering Icelandic contemporary works, Hildigunnur's captivating performances have garnered acclaim, earning her a nomination for Singer of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards.

Iceland Music's participation at Classical:NEXT 2024 is made possible with the generous support of Promote Iceland.

For more information about Iceland Music's presence at Classical:NEXT 2024, please visit our website here.

Get into the Icelandic vibe by listening to Iceland Music's Contemporary Classical playlist on Spotify, featuring cutting-edge compositions by Icelandic composers and performances from Icelandic artists.

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