9 Icelandic artists added to Iceland Airwaves 2024 line-up


Iceland Airwaves has just announced the second wave of artists set to perform at its 25th Anniversary edition, taking place from November 7th to 9th, 2024, in Downtown Reykjavík.

Among the artists in the second wave, nine are Icelandic: Bear the Ant, Elín Hall, Gabríel Ólafs, GDRN, Hildur, Pétur Ben, Sóley, and Teitur Magnússon.

Iceland Airwaves Festival is a world renowned music showcase and industry festival, situated halfway between North America and Europe. Iceland Airwaves brings together the country’s brightest emerging musical talent and forward-thinking international acts. Celebrating two and a half decades of bringing Iceland’s thriving creative community together with some of the world’s strongest new music talent, and international music industry rep’s, this year’s edition promises to be one of Airwaves’ most exciting to date.

Icelandic artists performing at Iceland Airwaves 2024:

Bear the Ant | Elín Hall | Gabríel Ólafs | GDRN | Hildur | Pétur Ben | Sóley | Teitur Magnússon | Inspector Spacetime | K.óla | Klemens Hannigan | lúpína | Múr | Róshildur  | Úlfur Úlfur | Une Misère | Vévaki | virgin orchestra

Celebrating creativity on both a local and worldwide scale, Iceland Airwaves will offer a global stage to a range of beloved local artists, both honouring and supporting the local community and scenes.

Despite pulling exciting names from scenes worldwide, Airwaves brings attention to their home ground, boasting a range of Icelandic artists. Amongst those, you’ll find Gabríel Ólafs, the Icelandic pianist, composer, producer, Decca Records US recording artist, and co-founder of the Reykjavík Orkestra. Gabríel is celebrated for his range of influences, from electronics to Norse tradition to Nature. Joining Gabríel on the line-up is Elín Hall, a rising Icelandic pop star and actress, following up her celebrated record Heyrist í mér made alongside The Vaccines’ Árni Hjörvar. 

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Discover the line up on Iceland Airwaves playlist here:

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